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He's busy getting all the jerseys to the appropriate dressing rooms, providing the scoresheet to coaches, and working the phone in the rare event when a referee or timekeeper isn't, well, on time.

Giroux, who has four grandkids in minor hockey (two at South Stormont, two at North Glen Stor), got involved in Cornwall minor hockey when he was in his mid fifties, refereeing until a few years ago when his knees started to bother him.

violence on the ice, a win at all costs mentality, to name just Puma Creepers Camel

Minor hockey has had its share of black eyes over the years overbearing parents, Puma Basket Creeper

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Making sure it runs smoothly

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he Puma Basket Gold sometimes stays in the building. With most Wednesdays quiet in the CMHA, Giroux plays pickleball a newfangled type of tennis across the hallway at the Benson centre's indoor court. "It gives me a nice break from the hockey," he says.)

And in Cornwall, in late January and early February, it's Giroux and the CMHA's busiest time of the year, with the arrival of the annual Winterfest bantam and midget tournament, this year being held Jan. 30 Feb. 2.

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And for all of those games, most days each week for months on end, CMHA equipment manager Ron Giroux is on the scene, a troubleshooter of sorts, making sure everything goes smoothly.

(Even when Giroux leaves the rink, Puma Ignite Trainers Review

Giroux took on the job a handful of years ago, when the CMHA was based at the now demolished Bob Turner Memorial Centre. The position pays a little bit, but not by the hour, and Giroux sure logs a lot of hours at the rink.

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"I like it, it's definitely one of the highlights," said Giroux, who'll be doing mostly timekeeping during the four day competition.

His relatively new job, and now being done in a fairly new, clean building, isn't one he plans on giving up any time soon. "If I wasn't here I'd be at home watching TV or doing nothing," he said. "I'd rather be here."

During the week, Giroux's at the arena usually four hours a day, and it can be up to six hours on weekends.

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But Giroux also keeps things running smoothly by sometimes digging into his box of used equipment, perhaps loaning out a knee pad or a goalie chest protector to a player who forgot some gear at home.

It's one of many minor hockey highlights that occur each season in the Seaway Valley, and there's been no shortage of them this campaign.

And, at the triple A level, dozens of players from Cornwall and far eastern Ontario as a whole have been making big contributions to organizations, including the Eastern Ontario Wild and the Upper Canada Cyclones.

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At an association level, it's been a big year for the Seaway Valley Rapids, celebrating their 25th anniversary campaign.

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It's Giroux's own equipment "just stuff I've picked up at Value Village, or Agape or somewhere . . . you hate to see a kid miss a game because he forgot some equipment . . . lots of times (at the start of his tenure) kids were missing something and I didn't have it."

It was on the very first day of 2014, Jan. 1, when the atom house B South Stormont Selects won their 48 team division at the massive Bell Capital Cup tournament in Ottawa, getting to play the final at the Canadian Tire Centre in Kanata.

A lot of people have to gather at the Benson Centre before it's game on, in the Cornwall Minor Hockey Association.

Going that extra mile so that parents don't have to is always appreciated, and Giroux each holiday season receives lots of thank you cards.

Giroux has seen it all but he's also seen all of the good, that comes from kids playing the great sport. "Of course, you see a lot of good things come out of it," he said. "You see good kids, good parents . . . if it wasn't mostly a fun thing, you wouldn't see so many people here."

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