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Quewezance's mother Judy was present for much of the week long trial. She said she doesn't believe her son was involved in Taypotat's murder.

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However, Bodnar argued that a person can commit a murder without leaving DNA behind.

Court heard there was animosity between the Assinboine and Taypotat families.

A forensic expert testified the hair was pulled out and could not have simply fallen out. The Crown argued it happened during a violent struggle as Quewezance stabbed Taypotat in the neck, chest and abdomen. Puma Trainers Fenty Prosecutor Kim Humphries pointed out that more of Quewezance's hair was found underneath the victim's body, proving the hair had to have been pulled out before Taypotat was stabbed.

The Crown said both people recanted their statements when they were re interviewed in 2011.

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Taypotat's cousin, Reynold Gene Assiniboine, was originally charged with first degree murder in the days following the Puma Creepers Yellow

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"DNA evidence is not magic. DNA evidence is simply a piece of evidence. It is a way of proving a fact, in this case it's proving that my client's hair was at the scene where the deceased died, that's all it shows," Bodnar said outside Court of Queen's Bench in Saskatoon.

A Saskatchewan judge must decide whether DNA evidence is enough to convict a man of second degree murder, 22 years later.

The fact that Quewezance often walked to work early in the morning from his home on Avenue W South mere blocks away Puma Fenty For Men

Man accused of historic murder was helping victim

Defense lawyer Morris Bodnar doesn't dispute the two men came into contact with each other that day but said Quewezance stumbled upon the scene and was trying to help a man who'd just been stabbed. He argued Taypotat grabbed Quewezance's hair because he was confused and thought he was fighting back against his attacker.

Bodnar said it was significant that in two police interviews in 1992, one woman said she saw Assiniboine stab Taypotat in a nearby back alley, and another man said Assiniboine bragged about the murder while he was drunk.

"It doesn't show how it got there. It doesn't show that there was a fight between my client and him. It doesn't show that my client stabbed him. I certainly can't see him attacking a complete stranger for no reason."

"Random crimes are committed all the time between people who have never met," she told the court.

shows he easily could have encountered Taypotat, Humphries said.

Even though Bodnar said his client had no reason to kill Taypotat, Humphries argued that there doesn't need to be a motive.

"Just his hair, and that's it. That's the only evidence they have on him; they've got nothing else, no fingerprints. It's hard, you know, when your own child is being charged for murder. It was a surprise when I was told he was up for murder, and I just (said) 'what?'" Judy said, her voice trailing off as she started to sob.

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Aug. 28, 1992.

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The courtroom heard closing arguments at the trial of Enock Quewezance, 41 on Friday. He's accused of killing Ernest Taypotat, a father of five, who was stabbed six times and left to die in the 400 block of Avenue T South on Puma Basket Heart Patent Junior

stabbing. The charge was dropped in 1993 because his DNA did not match the DNA found at the crime scene.

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